When you need to dispose of a large amount of rubbish in one go then there is pretty much only one option: skip bins. Skip bins have long been used across Australia to dispose of big quantities of rubbish, and they are handy for almost any circumstance. What many people don't realise is that skip bins are not all the same and that the type of skip bin you get depends on what items you are going to put in it. It is very important that before you get your skip bin you decide which one is best for you so you don't put the wrong stuff in it.

General Skip Bin

General skip bins are the one you are probably most familiar with. These are for disposing of household items during a move or renovation and could be used for regular rubbish if not for the huge size. The one exception to this is that food and liquid waste are almost universally not accepted in general skip bins. In general food waste should never be disposed of in a skip bin, and if you have a large amount of food waste then you should discuss this with your skip bin contractor. 

Garden Waste Skip Bin

If you are going through a renovation in your backyard and looking to dispose of a large amount of waste then a skip bin is a great option to get these items off your property quick. While lawn trimmings, branches, twigs and weeds are all fine to put in this skip bin soil is not. Soil disposal is its own category and you should try and avoid putting dirt in your skip bins. Also tree stumps generally require their own disposal professionals unless they are quite small.

Heavy Construction Skip Bin

Another popular option along with the general skip bin is the heavy construction skip bin. These are primarily for building sites and people with a lot of leftover material at the end of a construction project. Bricks, tiles, extra timber and other miscellaneous building items are all fine to dispose of in this bin except for one very notable exception: asbestos. Never dispose of asbestos in any skip bin as it is a health hazard for both you and the collectors. If you think you have some asbestos that needs to be taken away then call for a professional contractor who specialises in asbestos removal and do not attempt to move it on your own.