Are you thinking about contributing to environmental conservation by going green? Why don't you start this by adopting waste reduction techniques in your home? The amount of waste, especially non-biodegradable products that end up in the landfill, significantly pollute the environment. Taking simple measures at home to reduce waste can play a critical role in reducing landfill waste and helping the environment. Here are some party ideas that you can follow to minimise waste during your next event.

Outdoor Birthday Party

Birthday parties are always about fun, and drinking. The average party will have lots of plastic cups, disposable plates, forks, and spoons, and a lot of wasted food. You can conjure up an image of these waste materials lying around all over the yard. Such a scenario makes it hard to recycle anything, and the chances are that all that plastic will end up in the landfill. You can avoid this and reduce waste by using compostable plates instead of plastic ones. Limit the amount of plastic that ends up in the trash bin by strategically placing recycling bins around the yard. Besides reducing waste, this will make cleaning up easy.

Green Dinner Party

Are you hosting a dinner party for friends or family at your home? Consider utilising sustainable and recyclable fixtures and décor items. For example, instead of going for the conventional candles for an outdoor evening dinner party, why don't you utilise candles made from beeswax or soy? Both of these are sustainable materials that are cheap and easy to obtain. Additionally, make DIY decorations from upcycled materials instead of buying new ones that will end up in the trash bin. Invest in waste and recycling bins which are correctly labelled so that guests can dispose of items correctly.

Afternoon Picnics

Are you planning an afternoon picnic with your spouse, loved one, or friend? If so, you will be bringing lots of foods, drinks and disposable plates, cups and napkins. Unfortunately, all these disposables will end up in the landfill. Why don't you plan meals that require minimal dishware to reduce trash? If you are making sandwiches, use reusable napkins for wrapping instead of carrying paper napkins. Also, limit disposables by bringing plates and cutlery from your kitchen. Finally, have a small recycling bin that will collect water bottles and any other plastic which you can be recycled.

Environmental conservation starts with you. It is the simple things such as carefully organising a party or picnic that will help minimise landfill waste. Do not forget to invest in skip bin hire for efficient collection of all the garbage that will be generated in your party.