Offices generate a significant amount of recyclable waste, but sadly, most if not all of it ends up in the landfills. Without proper systems in place, it is almost impossible to implement office recycling and develop a sustainable business. Recycling not only reduces the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill, but it also saves you money that would have been spent hiring several garbage bins in the office. Here are some of the measures that you can take to improve recycling in the office and conserve the environment as well.

Reduce paper consumption

Offices generate a lot of paper waste in the form of printed paper, folders, cardboard, used envelopes, magazines, and unwanted newspapers. Reducing paper consumption can significantly the amount of waste generated in the office. For starters, teach the workers to always thick before printing documents. Do they need the paperwork? Are there other options such as emailing instead of posting out the documents? Also, they should read the final soft copy for errors before printing to avoid multiple printouts of the same documents.

Provide and label recycling bins

Providing recycling bins is an efficient way to ensure that recyclable waste does not end up with the rest of the garbage. Make sure that the bins are of uniform design, and they are correctly labeled. Also, they should be placed strategically near areas where recyclable waste is produced. They include places near the printers and photocopiers, desks, in eating areas to collect white paper and newspapers, near shipping zones, and at the reception. This will encourage employees to dispose of waste correctly since they don't have to walk for miles to get to the recycle bins.

Buy paper that can be recycled

Some forms of paper are not suitable for recycling due to the way they are manufactured. In this light, avoid paper that is a contaminant in recycling. It includes thermal fax paper, paper with adhesive products, laser print inks, and bright colors, and paper with plastic or glossy coatings. These products contaminate and lower the grade of the paper during recycling processes. Using recyclable paper makes it easy for recycling yards to handle it. It also encourages workers in your office to use and dispose of it correctly.

Purchase supplies and products with recyclable packaging

Businesses buy a range of products from foods and beverages for the kitchen to bathroom supplies and stationery. You can reduce waste by purchasing items with recyclable packaging. For the kitchen, go for plastic food and beverage cartons, fruit containers, and yogurt drink bottles instead of tubs. Recycle bathroom items such as tissue boxes, used hand wash and shampoo bottles, unwanted soap dispensers. Don't dispose of electronic wraps and newspaper bags in your garbage bin.

Recycle as much waste as is recyclable in the office and you will create a sustainable working environment.